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  • Show shop info in cart: Display shop information (logo, address, phone, mobile, email, fax) in the header of cart from the front-end
  • Logo: Select image logo for your shop
  • Shop name: Enter your shop name. Format key: {shop_name}
  • Website: Enter your website. Format key: {shop_website}
  • Address 1: Enter your address line 1. Format key: {shop_address_1}
  • Address 2: Enter your address line 2. Format key: {shop_address_2}
  • City: Enter your city. Format key: {shop_city}
  • Post code: Enter your post code. Format key: {shop_postcode}
  • Email: Enter your email. Format key: {shop_email}
  • Telephone: Enter your telephone. Format key: {shop_telephone}
  • Mobile: Enter your mobile. Format key: {shop_mobile}
  • Fax: Enter your fax. Format key: {shop_fax}
  • Country: Select a country. Format key: {shop_country}
  • Address format: Address format for shop for the front-end. You can enter string, HTML tag or use the format keys that will be replaced to its real value
  • Description: Introduce some information for your shop All rights reserved.

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