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By default, EasyShop will list the products from specific category, these options may be overridden by Menu Options or module params

  • Show category - description: Show/Hide category (and its description) of the products
  • Show sub categories: Show/Hide sub catogories
  • Product in sub categories: Select 'Yes' if you want to show all the products from subcategories
  • Default view: Default display mode: Grid and List
  • Grid mode: Select a grid mode for display. In this current time, dynamic isn't working, it will be updated soon
  • Show filter bar & Show toggle button: Like Search config but for search result page
  • Column in row: How many products per each row. This option will be applied for grid mode only
  • Product intro: Show/Hide product summary
  • Image size: The size of image of product
  • Add to cart: Show/Hide add to cart button. This is very useful for catalog mode instead shopping cart by default
  • Product options: Show/Hide product options (if exists). If set 'hide' and then add to cart button will be 'choose options' button and redirect to product detail page
  • Price: Select a type of price to display includes price or price and taxes or no price display
  • Tags: Show/Hide product tags (if exists)
  • Product meta: SKU, category, brand: Show/Hide SKU (if exists), category, brand (if exists) of the product and URL of them
  • Product countdown: @Since 1.1.0. If set 'Yes' and the products have 'Start sale date' and 'End sale date' then the count will be shown in the front-end page
  • Show countdown label: Show or hide countdown label
  • Countdown label: Enter the type of label for countdown includes full datetime, hide day or hide day and hour All rights reserved.

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