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Custom fields

Note. EasyShop has its own custom fields not from Joomla! 3.7 custom fields.

1. The first you have to create a group fields, it's the same create a category but you need to assign this group to categories. No categories = Assigned for all categories and you can choose a layout for the group fields.

2. Find the nav Products/Custom fields from the left navigation to manage the list fields

Listing fields

3. From the product add/edit page find the FIELDS & OPTIONS tab to add custom fields for the product.

Add fields

4. Result from the front-end

Front-end fields

List Fields Type

  1. Text
  2. User call name: this field has an option that is called name type: fullname or firstname + lastname
  3. Address: this field has an option that is Apt, suite etc. (optional)
  4. Email: use this field as email instead Text field
  5. Dropdown
  6. Radio
  7. Checkbox
  8. Checkboxes list
  9. Textarea
  10. Editor
  11. Calendar
  12. User
  13. Zone country: provide a countries dropdown list
  14. Zone state: provide a states dropdown list
  15. Subzone: provide a subzone(parent is zone state) dropdown list
  16. VAT: the VAT field will validate the VAT(EU) number of customer. Note: the VAT field needs SoapClient PHP All rights reserved.

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