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From back-end go to MainMenu/Components/EasyShop/Configuration

  • List limit: Limit list box for each page from the front-end
  • Weight unit: Weight unit of products, separated by commas(,)
  • Dimension unit: Dimension unit of products, separated by commas(,)
  • PHP date (time) format*: The following characters are recognized in the format parameter string. EasyShop will consider when the date should display only date or datetime
  • Zone display: Zone (country, state or subzone) display format in the dropdown list
  • Hide off sale: @since 1.1.0. Set 'Yes' if you wouldn't like to show the products which have 'Start sale date' and 'End sale date' but it's expired
  • Multi-currency mode: You can sell products with different currencies, however you need to enable this feature to use this feature
  • Show quantity box: If set 'No', then the quantity box of Add to cart button will be hidden
  • Cart button type: Select the type of button add to cart: Text and Icon, Text only or Icon only
  • Disable on zero: Set 'Yes' if you want to disable the button 'Add to cart' when the current price of product is zero
  • Zero as free: Display free for product with price is zero (0.00)
  • Cart modal: @since 1.1.0. Cart modal (detail or simple) after add to cart successfully
  • Show log string key: For system logs. Set 'Yes' if you want to show the language string key of summary entry
  • Low stock number: Set low stock notification threshold per product
  • Update stock when order status: Select the status of orders to update stock number of products from these orders. Leave empty to disable it
  • Update stock for paid order: Only update the stock number of products in the paid orders
  • Notification seconds: The seconds number for refresh notification (such as fetch new orders...). Set it = 0 to disabled it
  • Disable update warning: @Since 1.1.4. If it's 'Yes' the update warning is no longer appear from back-end navigation All rights reserved.

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