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Plugin events

Use the below events to develop plugins to extend or add more features for your store

Standard events

Use these events to handle standard actions

  • onEasyshopBeforeDelete($context, $table)
  • onEasyshopAfterDelete($context, $table)
  • onEasyshopBeforeSave($context, $table, $isNew)
  • onEasyshopAfterSave($context, $table, $isNew)
  • onEasyshopChangeState($context, $pks, $value)
  • onEasyshopPrepareForm($form, $data)
  • onEasyshopPrepareItem($context, $item): prepare item from the front-end

Order events

Use these events to handle order

  • onEasyshopOrderAfterSave(\ES\Order $order, $isNew): after save order everywhere
  • onEasyshopOrderFinished(\ES\Order $order): the order is created by customer
  • onEasyshopOrderPaid(\ES\Order $order): the order is paid by a payment callback
  • onEasyshopOrderRefund(\ES\Order $order): the order is refund by a payment callback
  • onEasyshopOrderUnpaid(\ES\Order $order): : the order is unpaid by a payment callback

Product events

Use these events to handle product. For eg: add new display area, fields, tabs... in the product detail page

You must keep the events in the product detail layout if you use a template override and still want to use these events
  • onEasyshopAdminProductPrepare($product): prepare product object from the back-end
  • onEasyshopProductPrepare($product): prepare product object from the front-end
  • onProductBeforeDisplay($product): before display product detail page
  • onProductAfterDisplayName($product): after display product name in the product detail page
  • onProductAfterDisplaySummary($product): after display product summary in the product detail page
  • onProductAfterDisplayFields($product): after display product fields in the product detail page
  • onProductBeforeRenderTab($product): before render tab in the product detail page
  • onProductAfterDisplay($product): after display all content of product in the product detail page

Customer events

  • onEasyshopCustomerNavbarPrepare(&$navbar): prepare customer navbar in the customer page
  • onEasyshopCustomerRegisterPageLayout($pageLayouts, $page): register page layout to sync with customer navbar

Email events

  • onEasyshopBeforeSendEmail($mailer, $email, $order): before send a system email
  • onEasyshopAfterSendEmail($mailer, $email, $order): after sent a system email success

Cron job events

If you create a plugin with group is easyshop or easyshoppayment or easyshopshipping and want to trigger into cron job cli. Simply create a static method Plg{Group}{element}::on{group}ExecuteCron
For eg: PlgEasyshopMyPlugin::onEasyshopExecuteCron with none params All rights reserved.

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