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How to override layouts

This page explain to you how to override CSS/HTML layouts without make any effect EasyShop CORE.

Override EasyShop CSS/JS

By default, EasyShop use three main CSS files which are located in /media/com_easyshop/css

easyshop.default-common.css: For the both front-end and back-end
easyshop.default-frontend.css: For front-end
easyshop.default-backend.css: For back-end

Eg: To override EasyShop CSS file create a new folder in your template to store the override CSS file and copy /media/com_easyshop/css/easyshop.default-frontend.css into it so that you will have the following structure /templates/your_template/html/com_easyshop/css/easyshop.default-frontend.css.

The same with override EasyShop JS file just copy /media/com_easyshop/js/easyshop.js to /templates/your_template/html/com_easyshop/js/easyshop.js.

Override EasyShop Layouts

EasyShop is a standard Joomla MVC extension so it inherits many great Joomla!'s features and one of them is the ability to do template's overrides.
See more here!_core

To override EasyShop Layout which based on JLayout just copy /components/com_easyshop/layouts/{layout_file_id} to /templates/your_template/html/com_easyshop/layouts/{layout_file_id}

Note: rename {layout_file_id} with the layout file, for eg: product/carousel.php All rights reserved.

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