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This options may be overridden by the options of EasyShop product single menu page

  • Product intro: Show/Hide product summary
  • Image size: The image size of the product which will be displayed in the product detail page
  • Add to cart: Show/Hide add to cart button
  • Maximum cart quantity: Enter the maximum add to cart quantity. Leave empty as unlimit. Note this may be overridden by product stock management
  • Price: Select a type of price to display includes price or price and taxes or no price display
  • Tags: Show/Hide product tags (if exists)
  • Product meta: SKU, category, brand: Show/Hide SKU (if exists), category, brand (if exists) of the product and URL of them
  • Fields display: Select the position of product custom fields (product attributes): in tab or after product summary
  • Product countdown: @Since 1.1.0. If set 'Yes' and the products have 'Start sale date' and 'End sale date' then the count will be shown in the front-end page
  • Show countdown label: Show or hide countdown label
  • Countdown label: Enter the type of label for countdown includes full datetime, hide day or hide day and hour
  • Direct checkout: @Since 1.1.0. If the product is direct checkout then the 'Add to cart' button will become 'Buy now' and it will redirect to checkout page with only one that product in cart
  • Prepare content: Prepare content to use Joomla! content plugin for product description All rights reserved.

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