Roadmap and changelog of EasyShop (current version 1.1.4 | Feb 11 2018)

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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 3 weeks ago #8 by Rainy
The current planned/released versions.
#Changed logs
- Add new custom field type: colors and inline for the both product fields and options
- Front-end product detail images: remove jquery owl carousel, use UIkit slider instead
- Module mod_easyshop_products: deprecated jquery owl carousel, add UIkit core slider param
- Module mod_easyshop_products: add new feature Display category in tab
Files changed (consider for template override)
1. /media/com_easyshop/js/easyshop.js
2. /media/com_easyshop/css/easyshop.default-backend.css
3. /media/com_easyshop/css/easyshop.default-common.css
4. /media/com_easyshop/css/easyshop.default-frontend.css
5. /components/com_easyshop/templates/default/productdetail/default.php
6. /modules/mod_easyshop_products/tmpl/default/default.php
#Feb 11 2018: version 1.1.4
- Full compatibility via Joomla!4 ALPHA
- Update UIKIT to version beta-42
- Changed front-end checkout step bar style
- Merge options section into Product section from the back-end navigation
- Fix front-end ignore param product in sub categories
- Modified front-end layout /components/com_easyshop/layouts/product/filters.php add sort by Hits
- Restructure front-end layout. Must to consider to make compatibility for your override layouts with new EasyShop version 1.1.4
- Improve back-end CRUD layouts
- Improve responsive design
- Improve dashboard, add format currency for chart
- New UI for order listing view
- Fix product save error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type()
#Jan 22 2018: version 1.1.3
- Add new config shop information for print order
- Add new layout for print order
- Add Languages menu for back-end navigation to override, copy, download, upload languages
- Add user timezone optional for customer page
- Improve all search tools layout
- Fix cannot insert images for product from WINDOW host

#Dec 27 2017: version 1.1.2
- Module search: add select a category level or show all the categories (optional), improve responsive (tiny)
- Back-end: add order list for customer edit view
- Media manager: move customer avatar directory and keep B/C. Note: the changing for the high-performance purpose. The updater will auto backup and transfer the avatar of the customer to the right avatar path, you need to consider to remove the old media from the customer that stored in media manager.
#Dec 22 2017: version 1.1.1
- Add feature product detail config: Direct checkout
- Add feature detect update version and one-click update from the back-end navigation
- Improve front-end filter bar layout
- Improve success message after checkout, the message include order amount, order code, payment status, customer email and possible to override
- Improve media upload, permission rules
- Fix upload image on new folder (@since v-1.1.0)
- Fix order canceled status not display from the order detail page
- [Development] Improve override layout
- [Development] Add layout success message
- [Development] Add event trigger onEasyshopOrderCreated($order), the event fire before payment and send email
#Dec 11 2017: version 1.1.0
- [Development] rewrite ES\Cart class, rename all variables of displayData for cart layout (Important if you have some override layouts)
- [Development] add product salePrice and saleTaxes properties (Important if you have some override layouts)
- Remove [global config] Price Display. Now, the price is always sale price without taxes.
- Add [global config] disable button add to cart when the price is zero
- Add [global config] result (add to cart) modal: simple or detail (default is detail)
- Fix coupon on order not working
- Rewrite system discounts. Now all the discounts do not include tax amount.
- Changed and improved the user interface for some views.
- Improve system performance
- Module search: improve responsive for the search button
- Fix [global config] hide quantity box but the quantity box from cart modal was not hidden
- Add feature disable button add to cart when the current price is zero (global config optional)
- Add feature product countdown based on sale from date and sale to date
- Add modal cart simple (global config optional)
#Nov 25 2017: version 1.0.5
- Add badge feature for discounts direct on products
- Fix JS update quantity not working with some custom templates
- Fix JS check coupon code not working with some custom templates
- Fix Discounts navigation not display
- Clean up database
- Initial compatibility with Joomla! 4 (Alpha)
#Nov 17 2017: version 1.0.4
- Fix back-end create a new order missed customer
- Improve media manager
#Nov 16 2017: version 1.0.3
- Fix tooltip and modal not working (from 1.0.2)
- Improve custom fields form layout
- Add placeholder for custom field
- Add core module categories/brands
#Nov 07 2017: version 1.0.2
#Nov 04 2017: version 1.0.1
#Nov 2017: version 1.0.0
- Initial release
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