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  • The SMS addon allows you send SMS alerts to mobile when order is created by customer. You can configure to send sms message to many mobile numbers and customer mobile number.

    Key features

    • Send SMS with SMS Global
    • Send SMS with Nexmo
    • Send SMS with Clickatell
    • Send SMS to admin numbers
    • Send SMS to customer numbers

    How to use

    1. Install the EasyShop SMS addon use Joomla! installer
    2. Go to MainMenu/Extensions/Plugins
    3. Find the SMS plugin, config and enable it

    Explain parameters

    • Mobile numbers: the mobile numbers which will been received SMS message whenever a new order. Note use {customer_mobile} or {customer_phone} and EasyShop will treat it as a customer mobile number from the customfield with the field name is user_mobile or user_phone.
    • SMS message: the SMS message which will been sent to specific mobile numbers.
    • SMS message for customer: the SMS message which will been sent to customer mobile numbers.
  • Min Php 5.4+
    Joomla! version 3.5+
    EasyShop version 1.0+