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  • This addon allows you add the related products based on the product detail and an association feature helps you manage the related products easier.

    Key Features

    • Related Associations
    • Unlimited related products
    • Three result display mode: on tab, module or after product detail page
    • Display related products with carousel effect
    Related result display

    How to use

    Download and install it with Joomla! installer.

    Go to MainMenu/Extensions/Plugin, find the related plugin to enable and config it.


    Go to add new or edit a product and click on the ADDON tab to add some related products.

    Manage related products from detail ADDON

    Related addon

    Insert related products from modal

    Related modal
  • Min Php 5.4+
    Joomla! version 3.5+
    EasyShop version 1.0+