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  • By default, EasyShop uses multilingual feature of Joomla! core to manage products in difference languages and the multilingual addon allows you manage the translations of all products, categories, tags, custom fields in the easiest way.

    Key Features

    • Translations for all products
    • Translations for all categories, brands, groups...
    • Translations for all custom fields
    • Translations for all tags
    • Translations for all products URLs
    • Using side by side with multilingual of Joomla! core

    How to use?

    Very easy to use. Just save the record before and the flags will be displayed in the edit toolbar.

    Click on the flag of language you want to translate

    EasyShop translation flags

    And translate it in the modal

    EasyShop translation modal
  • Min Php 5.4+
    Joomla! version 3.5+
    EasyShop version 1.0+