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  • The addon adds a ask question (quote) button to the products. You can choose to add the button to all products or only for selected products.

    Key Features

    • Inherit from plugin params
    • Inherit from product addon params (will override from plugin params)
    • Show button on list (block)
    • Show button on product detail
    • Many button styles
    • Form display 3 styles: stack, toogle and modal
    • Emails integrate with EasyShop system emails
    • Easy to override layouts

    Use for email template

    Use the field name markup for email template. Eg: {USER_NAME} => this is the field with name is 'user_name'. If you create a new fields with name is user_mobile and you want to display it into the email template just use markup {USER_MOBILE}

    Product markup variables

    • {PRODUCT_ID}: Product ID
    • {PRODUCT_NAME}: Product name
    • {PRODUCT_SKU}: Product SKU
    • {PRODUCT_PRICE}: Product price
    • {DATE}: The date time of question

    NOTE: Send to emails from email template, you must replace the {CUSTOMER_EMAIL} with your receiver email.

    Setting from plugin params

    EasyShop askquestion

    Override from product addons

    EasyShop askquestion

    Form modal

    EasyShop askquestion

    Setting from system emails

    EasyShop askquestion

    Navigation fields and track the questions

    EasyShop askquestion navigation

    Integrate with EasyShop custom fields

    EasyShop askquestion field
  • Min Php 5.4+
    Joomla! version 3.5+
    EasyShop version 1.0+ All rights reserved.

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