Easy tab

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  • Free and $25 for pro
  • 26, Dec 2016
  • 3.4.x or highter
  • 1.0.2
  • (8 votes)
  • Make content tab in the best easy of way

    Easy Tab will make the new content tab into article or K2 item with many display styles and inherit from category. And now, it's available for both article content and K2 item.


    Available for K2 and Joomla article

    Wonderful! Easy tab is not only compatible with default Joomla article but also working with K2 extension which is popular content manager system


    Many icons with awesome icons

    It's very easy to make the icon for tab title with popular awesome icons

  • Feature Free Professional
    The maximum number of tabs 3 Unlimit
    Compatible with Article
    Compatible with K2
    Display inherit from catgory
    Icon Awesome front
    Multi layout
    Module Easy Tab
    Tab content prepare
    Ticket support Only update and fix bugs 6 months tickets and update




  • EasyTab version 1.0.2

    This release for new feature SHORT CODE with an easy markup (anywhere in your site):

    __Tab 1__joomla

    This is Joomla! content

    __Tab 2__wordpress

    This is Wordpress content


    Explain markup: The tab title will be placed between a double underscore and a icon (if exists) was placed next.

    Note: Use icon from FontAwesome Icon with no fa fa- prefix.

    For Pro version​

    To use different layout just use the end markup below.

    __/END => tab default

    __/LEFT => tab left

    __/RIGHT => tab right

    __/BOTTOM => tab bottom

    __/SLIDE => display as an accordion