Easy SEF

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  • Free and $35 for pro
  • 26, Dec 2016
  • 3.4.x or highter
  • 1.0.0
  • (3 votes)
  • Easy SEF is a Search Engine Optimization extensions for Joomla! 3.x.x with which you are able to control meta infomation such as title, description, keywords, generator, robots at the front end. All of origin meta of Joomla! will keep protected, once a new SEF was created and it's published then the plugin will crawl all of SEF data and apply them. If one of the metadata (title, keywords, description...) is empty, the plugin will apply the origin data of them. 

    Use  from right-center of the screen to control metadata from front-end.

    Back-end manage your SEFs  

    Compatible via Joomla! ACL

    When you control the SEF metadata from front-end, it means you need log in with the user who can access to create or edit  on "Easy SEF" ACL

    Front-end control

    Edit all metadata has never been so easy!


    Facebook Open Graph

    Open Graph only works for pro version

  • Feature Free Professional
    Front-end access
    Compatible via Joomla SEF
    Compatible via language filter
    Facebook open graph
    Front-end change SEF URL
    Replace all Origin to SEF URL
    Auto redirect to new SEF URL
    Number of SEF URL 10 Unlimit
    Ticket support Only update and fix bugs 6 months tickets and update



  • 1. Enable SEF mode if you want to change the link

    To change the origin link to new SEF link you must enable SEF mode. From back-end control panel, follow the System/Global Configuration looking for Search Engine Friendly URLs label and click the yes button.

    2. Only use the relative link

    When you change a SEF link you need to make ensure you will enter a relative link it means it will not include any domain schema (Ex: http://yoursite.com), script file (index.php), language sef (if your site has enabled multilanguage) and a ".html" subffix because Easy SEF will synchronous via Joomla! global configuration.

    Valid link: products/easy-sef

    Invalid link: http://www.joomtech.net/easy-sefindex.php/easy-sefindex.php/en/easy-sefindex.php/easy-sef.html. Easy SEF will strip all of unused something.

    3. Keep your standard structure

    You can create a SEF link that has many adjacent slash. If your SEF link is blogs/posts/article, the link will work correctly. However, we recommended you should create a parent link before that (like blogs and blogs/posts).